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Originally Posted by TRUTH View Post
I'm not suggesting a top tier guy since most of them wouldn't consider coming to San Antonio. Here is a list of guys that are free agents or have an expiring contract. I'm not sure what the situations are with these guys, but they are just suggestions of what I would like to see next to TD (some of these guys can come off the bench).
  • Nikola Pekovic - One of the strongest and meanest dudes in the league averaging 16 & 9 last season
  • Marcin Gortat - Also tough inside and rebounds/blocks shots well
  • JJ Hickson - Mobile and active on the glass
  • Jermaine O'Neal - Not as mobile, but still averaged 1.4 blocks/gm in 18 min
  • Robin Lopez - Showed a lot of improvement with more playing time averaging 1.6 blocks/gm
  • Chris Kaman - Legit 7 footer and still can contribute
  • Marcus Camby - Can still block a shot
  • Emeka Okafur - Would be great next to TD, drawback is his huge expiring contract of $14 mill
  • Andrew Bogut - Also has a huge expiring contract of $14 mill and would also look great next to TD (when healthy)
  • Omer Asik - Physical dude and can rebound well, has a huge check next season for nearly $15 mill
Just a few names I came up with. Doubt the Spurs will swallow those huge contracts. I feel that this list of guys can help our interior defense in some capacity.
Thanks for names, let's anaylze all of them:
  • Nikola Pekovic: He''s gonna sign 4 years 52M at least.
  • Marcin Gortat: He's not free agent and Suns don't want to send him till the trade deadline. (If you add Green to package, you can change their minds)
  • JJ Hickson: Love this guy. But low BB IQ and he's gonna want at least 4 years 32M.
  • Jermaine O'Neal: Remember Antonio McDyess? We don't need block, we need pick&roll defense.
  • Robin Lopez: He's not a free-agent. We don't know what Pelicans want in a trade.
  • Chris Kaman: Yes I like him. But his defense, injuries and wishes are questionable.
  • Emeka Okafor: He's not free agent and what will we offer for him?
  • Marcus Camby: He's slow as a turtle and couldn't play even in New York when Amare was out.
  • Andrew Bogut: Same Okafor. (He's not free agent and what will we offer for him?)
  • Omer Asik: Houston wouldn't send him to us.
There is not too many option in the market and we don't have enough and attractive trade assets. Our first round pick will not be over 25, Bonner and Diaw are not attacractive enough to get an expiring contract.
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