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Originally Posted by tuncaboylu View Post
I agree, Duncan needs help. But there are not too many options in market. If you're going to bring Millsap or Al-Jeff, you're going to force Duncan to defend the best big man of your opponent. Duncan's feet are not fast as 10 years ago and you need to bring a guy who can defend the pick&roll. Millsap is not that kind of guy and Al-Jeff is worse. Josh Smith? He's just a better and much expensive version of Millsap.

So what was the candidate of you in that spot?
I'm not suggesting a top tier guy since most of them wouldn't consider coming to San Antonio. Here is a list of guys that are free agents or have an expiring contract. I'm not sure what the situations are with these guys, but they are just suggestions of what I would like to see next to TD (some of these guys can come off the bench).
  • Nikola Pekovic - One of the strongest and meanest dudes in the league averaging 16 & 9 last season
  • Marcin Gortat - Also tough inside and rebounds/blocks shots well
  • JJ Hickson - Mobile and active on the glass
  • Jermaine O'Neal - Not as mobile, but still averaged 1.4 blocks/gm in 18 min
  • Robin Lopez - Showed a lot of improvement with more playing time averaging 1.6 blocks/gm
  • Chris Kaman - Legit 7 footer and still can contribute
  • Marcus Camby - Can still block a shot
  • Emeka Okafur - Would be great next to TD, drawback is his huge expiring contract of $14 mill
  • Andrew Bogut - Also has a huge expiring contract of $14 mill and would also look great next to TD (when healthy)
  • Omer Asik - Physical dude and can rebound well, has a huge check next season for nearly $15 mill

Just a few names I came up with. Doubt the Spurs will swallow those huge contracts. I feel that this list of guys can help our interior defense in some capacity.
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