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I like that deal. Yes I would like if it was 4 years 32M but the market forces you to pay more.

I've a question to the guys who is angry with that deal: Can you tell the name of the best big man who fit next to Duncan since 2003 D-Rob's retirement? Yes guys, we couldn't find a good partner in last 10 years, only Oberto and Horry were the capable ones until Splitter grows.

Splitter is a good fit for our system. We don't have the lucury to take another risk, since our window is closing. We're going to content this and maybe next year(Due to Duncan and Manu), we can't make new experiments. With Howard is not coming and David West is staying his own team, the only viable options are bad defender Al-Jeff and undersized Millsap and none of them will accept less money than Splitter.
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