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Originally Posted by bkp65 View Post
The point I am making is that one play pretty much sums up Splitter's career so far. Slow, uncoordinated, no offense, no toughness, big man!! Also, please don't compare Lebrons game with Splitters game..
Ummm...I didn't compare their games, I'm just mentioning that Green's plays on LeBron were much more impressive than LeBron's play on Splitter. BTW, that slow uncoordinated player is quicker than Duncan now, hence his usefulness defending the pick and roll. He was basically the sole reason the Spurs were as good as they were throughout the season despite injuries and Duncan's continuing decline of minutes if not effeciency. Splitter is one of the few true bigs in the league able to run a competent pick and roll, especially available affordable big men. I mean, we could afford a 6'8" big...but I'd rather not.
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