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Originally Posted by TRUTH View Post
It is true that Tiago had a part in the Memphis series, but if Westbrook never suffered that injury we could have been facing the Thunder. We all know how he fared against them the year before. I understand the value of a decent big in the league, but the Spurs really shouldn't fear breaking the bank in the next two years at a chance to bring home a ring. I don't think they will come close to sniffing one after Tim retires. Of course this is all easy for me to say since it isn't coming out of my pockets.
I don't think they're afraid of breaking the bank. I just think it's an issue that we didn't have enough Space to go out and get anybody that great. Face it, you would have to pay white Howard or Josh Smith over twice what splitter will be getting.

If we had been able to get rid of Bonner, which I'm sure they were probably trying to do, and if Boris had not opted into his contract, or Patty Mills had not opted into his contract, then we would have options and space. But our space was very limited to begin with. So I think they did the best they could.
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