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We also know how Danny Green and Tiago and Gary Neal fared against Memphis the year before. Based on that sample size, we would have been out of the playoffs again this year.

Our players have matured and gotten better.

Maybe we would have beaten Oklahoma City, maybe not. Kendrick Perkins was a year older and not very effective. Kevin Martin is no james harden.

And I repeat: you can't just say you would have gotten better instead of sit standing pat. Name a move that this front office could have done. One that would get us a better player without leaving gaps in our lineup and not costing us more money. The simple fact is that While we did and still do have some room to maneuver, you can't make guys come here who are free agents, and you can't make other teams send their players over here just because you think the deal is good for them. Rather than whine about paying splitter 9 million a year, rejoice that we are not Indiana paying a guy In his mid-30s 12 million a year.
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