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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
Once again I am skeptical as to the rumor. First off, wouldn't the first order of business be to settle out Manu's contract and second, when was the last time you knew about the terms of a Spurs contract before it was even signed, let alone days after?
Any of the Spurs FA have a cap hold. The order in which you address them doesn't matter, as long as they are all handled before July 10th. And, as the Spurs have Bird rights on Manu/Splitter/Neal, they can go as far over the cap as they want to sign them.

It could be that the Spurs/Manu have an agreement-in-principle. Both are happy with $XM/year. Go worry about the younger guys who may walk.

Who's to say that the Spurs leaked any of the info? It may have all been Splitter's representation. Don't bother us, we're good. And maybe they have other FAs they want to take care of, and wanted the market set. I have no idea (nor inclination to verify) the validity of that last point.
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