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Honestly I hope Manu can put everything aside, forget everything, and retire right now. I know he's been plain awful in the playoffs and deserves a lot of the criticism for it but it's also been painful to see all the hate some Spurs fans have for him now. It really is sad to see especially all that he's done here and sacrificing himself during the prime of his years to be a sixth man off the bench filling in for guys like Hedo, Barry, Finley, etc. when he could've been a starter anywhere else (Denver?). Sad thing is the blame always gets put on him for the times we aren't successful even though other guys made mistakes too. I'd rather see him retire now than have another bad season next year. On the other hand, I still believe he can be effective (not like he has been or for the amount of time). With a whole summer off to recover and if he can stay relatively healthy (which is a challenge) I think he can still the Manu we're still used too. He didn't even get back from his hamstring injury until during the playoffs (at the time they didn't even know if he would make it back until sometime during the playoffs). I'm wondering if that messed with his head for the rest of the playoffs and resulted in a bad playoffs.

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