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Originally Posted by ATHENEA View Post
Spurscrazed... I think it was hilarious hahaha
I agree about the winning part. We can pull it off next season ;)
Thanks :_) And Agreed Next Year it is the YEAR of Spurs!

Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
You would hope. Last year they came back motivated this year to win it! They almost got it. I hope they have one more run left in them. Some things need to take place for that to happen though, minor tweaks and such I don't know about yet but if things go right they can be right back in it again.
I agree that there will have to be so many variables that need to happen. HEALTH of course is number one. Then those tiny missing pieces need to be filled.

I DEEPLY believe the the chance is now or never. Yes now or never... It has to happen next year 2014 it has to happen!! Spurs just got out of the closest loss and before that they just failed to pass the Western Conf so now there are no more excuses. Spurs will need to get that job done. It is DOUBLE IMPORTANT now with TD and Manu about to retire. They have only the next year and maybe the year after.

The Biggest Obstacle was finding enough Spurs Scorers that is why I think that if we put all our eggs in one basket we will not succeed. However I believe that RC and Pop will put together a great TEAM for next year and find us those Missing Small Pieces of that PUZZLE this off season since Spurs have all the Cap Space they need to!!!

I tell you that I will be very upset if RC and the FO will FAIL this off season as they did in recent year. That is why RC & Staff have the Toughest job this off season with all this cap money they better find us someone who can help... TD and TP and MANU are not going to be here forever!!!!!!!!!!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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