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Originally Posted by TRUTH View Post
Staying pat has been the Spurs' MO and I believe it when RC said that it's about adding subtle pieces. Then again it all could be good ol RC pulling a rope a dope and putting a fast one on the rest of the league, or so I hope. Getting Aldridge would put the Spurs in great position for next year and beyond. We would have to give up a pretty penny for his services, but as they say, "you have to give up talent to get talent."

We also can't forget about that old Portland favorite that is Greg Oden. I have no idea how his rehab is going, but if healthy, the Spurs could be a good fit for him since his role would only require him to rebound and block shots.
Seriously?!?! Someone out ther still thinks Oden can have a healthy season? Hahaha! We don't have anyone injured enough to get what we give.
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