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Originally Posted by tabspur View Post
I could jump on the obvious Bonner is already crap line, but that softball is just too easy. You have to remember, in thus day and age, it's all about cap management and / or stock piling assets. Portland doesn't give a flip what or how it would effect the Spurs the next year or 2. They only care about what they are going to be 2,3 or 4 years down the road. They know they have no chance at any deep playoff run right now. Obviously, they already covet Tiago. The question is, can we give them enough in return beyond that. Expiring contracts plus future picks or talent. Portland is a team that scouts Eurooe extensively, so what are their thoughts on guys like Lorbek, Hanga, or Bertans? As far as filling slots, I'm sure the Spurs can manage that. Who had even heard of Baynes, or Neal, or even guys like Tolliver?
Portland doesn't care about the Spurs, but they care about the state of their franchise. They aren't that bad. They still have Lillard, they have Batum coming back and of course they have Aldridge. I don't think they are in "start from scratch" mode, especially since they are trying to get a decent center in Splitter.

And even if it all went down, would you like the Spurs chances next year with 4 or 5 new guys that would need to play immediately?
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