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Originally Posted by tabspur View Post
It won't be Manu. They would take Splitter, if we can package guys like Bonner, Diaw, Joseph, etc that have expiring contracts, possibly coupled with Euro guys and picks. They could release Bonner, and just have guys with a year left on their contract. The 2014 FA crop is much better than this years. Could make some sense if we can help set them up for the future. They are not going to take on any contract in a sign and trade if a 36 year old, when they are looking to the future. In addition, Manu is, was, and will always be a Spur. The chances of him playing anywhere but SA, are zero. Less than zero. You can rant all you want on this forum, but he will retire a Spur in the next year or 2.
I was kidding about Manu, although if they would take him and Splitter for Aldridge (0% chance) I don't think the Spurs would think twice about it. Don't kid yourself.

But you're talking a trade the magnitude of the Memphis/Lakers trade that got the Lakers Pau and two championships. A trade that lopsided will not happen. And even then, you've given away half your team and guys that did contribute. You'd have to fill those in with crap.
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