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Originally Posted by gosaspurs2150 View Post
Laughed out of the league? Oh really? Comparable players to Evans are getting $10-$11 million per year. You give him that much money for his young potential, his ability to create and slash to the basket, his above average rebounding and passing skills for a SG, and his great perimeter defense. He shot 33% from 3s last season. I think working with Chip, that can increase to 36-38%.

If the Spurs sit pat this year, and aren't thinking for the future, and just let the dust settle, I think we are in a world of trouble moving forward. You got Duncan and Ginboli with 2 years left minimum, essentially our two best players leaving soon.
Exactly! This kid has mad potential. He's in a go no where organization team anytime soon, didn't know whether the team was going to be in Seattle or Sacramento, doesn't like Cousins, multiple coaches and systems and most importantly no leadership! Put him with hall of fame players,coaches and the league's best system and shooting coach....please, 10 million is a steal. Considering that's what Jefferson was getting. Splitter is worth about 6-7 in our system. Dallas still has to deal with Mayo to. Like I said b4,send Duncan and Parker to his house with Pop on video chat! Only thing... He'll need a new number,13 is retired.
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