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Originally Posted by TRUTH View Post

Our second priority is getting a quality starting big that can play solid weak side D above the rim. Names that I've heard thrown around are Asik, Gortat, Scola, Camby, and Kamen. I like these ideas because it makes sense financially because it will still give us room to add another impact piece. What about Andrew Bogut? When healthy he can provide shot blocking, dunks, passing, and a high basketball IQ.
I was fine with the whole article, although I'd beg to ask which athletic big the Spurs didn't get to help Timmy. They had Splitter, and he made decent strides this year. But you blame the FO for not getting the help. Consider that maybe the help wasn't available for an acceptable price.

But you lost me with the quoted paragraph. Did you REALLY mention Scola as someone who could play solid weak side defense? The only defense he can play is matador. But he's pretty solid at that. And you even implied above the rim? Does he get a ladder?

Asik will be available if HOU can sign Howard. I doubt SA would be able to offer the best package, though.

Kamen is the only free agent. I would guess that the price for the others might also be higher than the Spurs would pay.
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