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Originally Posted by scarlet View Post
Nba makes money from superstars. I don't think stern tells the refs directly to rig the game. But I think it is more of an evolution processes where refs who send series to seven and give superstar calls, get paid more and are allowed to ref more games. It is somewhat of an unwritten rule for refs.
I agree.
No way refs rig the game.
Easier said than done. And I am 100% sure NBA wish they could do that.
The better team will always win.

Originally Posted by Dulce View Post
Don't need to watch videos, we ALL KNOW the NBA is rigged. Sometimes, like our Spurs, teams actually win by putting the ball in the basket. And there isn't a damn thing the refs can do about it, sometime. ;)
Despite refs liking to see team with most Super Stars and bigger market to win it all. At the end of the day Super Stars win games period.

Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
Regarding Donaghy, with his actions being exposed and later his conviction, the NBA had a bad public relations problem. If there was any conspiracy present, other than fixing the games for profit, before Donaghy, I don’t believe it’s there now but only by coincidence of events that might lead a person to believe one exists. If a person believes something strongly enough, they could surely con someone else into believing it as well.
Donaghy got some eyes opened, still there is no proof of NBA fixing so far. It will take as thesuspence281 said a higher caliber evidence or maybe authority to be proved.

The NBA had been trying to clear their image with the instant replay rule in 2010 after the Donaghy incident happened....They are even talking about NBA considering instant replay for late-game charge calls LINK

All those speculations of NBA rigging will never end.

The below ling to a recent article 3 weeks ago which explains this past 2013 season on how Lakers made the PO then goes to 2013 playoff Miami and Indiana series and the Miam and Spurs Finals..

History Of NBA Conspiracy Theories - Business Insider
Go Spurs Go!
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