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Spurs FO: Please keep Chip!!

With the rest of the league circling the Spurs organization like vultures, trying to lure our assistant coaches away from their nest, I wish they would at least leave us a few warm bodies on our coaching staff. With Coach Bud leaving for Atlanta to join GM Danny Ferry and Coach Brett Brown being interviewed by Philly pretty soon, there’s at least one coach I hope the Spurs have tried to secure for the future --- and that’s Coach Chip Engelland. Since joining the Spurs organization, both Chip and Chad Forcier have worked miracles, helping to improve the shooting touches of our players. I’ve seen remarkable differences in the confidence levels and shooting accuracy of both Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard specifically. There are others who I’ve seen advances with, i.e. Duncan and Splitter’s free throw shooting, Blair’s shot collection around the basket and Green’s 3-point shooting capability to mention a few others. If there is one coach who has really earned his salary while under Pop’s tenure, it has to be Chip Engelland.
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