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NBA TV Airs San Antonio Spurs Championship Gear Commercial (Video)

NBA TV Airs San Antonio Spurs Championship Gear Commercial (Video) - FanSided - Sports News - An Independent Sports Network

I’m pretty sure most people are aware the Miami Heat won the 2012-13 NBA Championship, though, there might be a few people working at NBA TV who missed the memo.

Apparently on Saturday, NBA TV aired the pre-made San Antonio Spurs World Champions commercial, urging you to pick up your favorite Championship Spurs gear.

The commercial didn’t just air once or even twice – in fact – it ran all day long, over and over.

Perhaps somebody at NBA TV was asleep at the wheel or maybe they were a Miami Heat or Los Angeles Lakers fan going after a little revenge, either way, talk about a pretty big oopsie.

As if being a rebound away from another ring isn’t torture enough.

If you’re still wanting that fancy Tim Duncan NBA Finals MVP shirt, I recommend a trip to your favorite third world country since that’s where the gear is sent.
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