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Originally Posted by thesuspence281 View Post
I don't mind if Splitter goes as long as we have someone else come in to take his place, like Jefferson or someone like him. I just hope we dont end up getting screwed where Splitter leaves and then no one comes here or they end up getting better money somewhere else. I'm hoping that if Manu's contract gets renewed that it happens after all of the free agents we are trying to sign gets signed and then we can decide how much we need to pay him rather than not having enough money to sign someone who can make a bigger impact.
To sign Manu in the way u describe would require spurs to renounce rights so his salary is off the books. As long as the FO states their intentions by doing so beforehand to Manu, I don't see him being disrespected and possibly going elsewhere. If Manu gets more than $6, he's be doing the franchise a disservice IMO.
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