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Look, there's no question the officiating has been bad in years past. In 2002 it was awful. In 2006 it was ridiculous-- both to benefit Dallas and then screw them over.

In 2007, we got the benefit (no-call on Lebron at the end of the game 4).

In 2008 vs. the Lakers, we got screwed on for example the no-call on Fisher with Barry taking a shot.

This year I thought the officiating was much improved.

Yes, you can complain about calls. But Miami had their share too.

In the critical game 6, the calls didn't beat us. We beat ourselves.

They screwed up the Ray Allen foul on Manu. No doubt.

But seconds before, they had no-called a strip on Lebron James by Danny Green. Green's was not a foul-- but if you look at them in real time, they look the same. And those are reflex calls-- you don't get time to reflect on them or see a replay.

Then in Game 7, they arguably could have given Miami the "clear path" foul in the 4th quarter that would've likely been game over.

They also gave Chris Bosh lots of early fouls.

Then offensive fouls vs. Lebron etc.

So I just don't buy a conspiracy theory. I do buy that the officiating is ego and personality driven, but even that has gotten better (largely, I think, due to efforts by Mark Cuban).

But I think the biggest explanation for all the no-calls in game 6 was the refs were told, "don't decide the game. Let the players decide." and tha's what they did. That favors the defense. So guess what? That ended up tilting to Miami's favor. But it could've gone our way very easily.

If the NBA ran on conspiracies, they wouldn't leave it to the chance of a Ray Allen 3 pointer with seconds to go to extend the series. That's just stupid.
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