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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post
The persona that Pop will probably display to the world and to the media is that he is glad to see Brett getting the recognition that he deserves for all the hard work and dedication he has devoted to the sport. Just like a parent watching his young going into the world on their own. The same goes for Coach Bud going to Atlanta. But in truth, Pop will probably be aching inside, mourning their loss to the Spurs organizations. Me, I wish the league would quit feeding off the silver and black. Better put out the ‘vacancy’ sign.
Agree with you about Pop. We have and have had great staff with the right character.

However, I think some owners are short sighted in thinking that if they get a coach with Spurs pedigree, they will win a championship in just a few short years. They don't seem to have the patience or trust that should go with the job. When their team is not progressing like they think they should, it's goodbye and thank you very much. ie AJ, PJ, Mike Brown, del Negro...
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