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Like everybody else, I have my own opinion about the word hate. I don’t hate Lebron James as a person, but I do dislike him because he’s an opponent of the Spurs. I would imagine there are folks in Miami who feel the same way about TP and TD, and sometimes use the word ‘hate’ but I don’t think they really mean it. I think my dislike comes from the fact that LBJ is a very good ballplayer, if not the best the generation has seen to date, and as I said before, is an opponent of the Spurs. The same can be said about Shaq, Kobe, Anthony, Howard and the list goes on. I may have a dislike for some that might extend beyond the basketball court, only because they open their mouth to broadcast their immaturity or do things in public that might damage the image of a professional basketball player. Some of these guys are whisked out of high school, given big bucks and thrust into the spotlight and called celebrities and expected to conform to certain standards while they are in the fast lane of life. Sometimes it’s their fault when they f**k up; sometimes it falls on their team for not ‘schooling’ them in the ways of the NBA. Enough of my ranting.

I just like to think of my dislike for these players the same as how some of these players react in their lives with their opponents, off and on the court. Take TP for instance, he and Chris Paul, I understand, are best buds off the court, but after the opening jump ball, they become ‘opponents’ and battle each other to the very end of the game. Then afterwards, they meet, hug each other and go about their lives.

No, I don’t hate Lebron James but I do have a dislike for him on the court. And I won’t be a hypocrite, if he wore the silver and black, I’d love him.
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