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I have a feeling this won't matter at all to the Spurs and they will keep him no matter what. I think they probably still see him as someone who knows the offense and gives them a small part of what they need (good 3pt shooting and occasional hilarious lucky drives to the basket) for the bargain price of 3.5 mil.

Just like Bonner, I think this applies to most of the team. I don't see too many changes and everything will be status quo with a few minor tweeks. The main one being saving some money on Jackson being gone, Manu coming back at a cheaper price (esp if they renounce and re-sign him), and re-signing Splitter at a price we all will be mad at.

So maybe the Spurs will sign one FA that will be slightly significant but it won't be anyone you expected or make headline news. We all know the drill... and it might not be a bad thing IF they can fill some of their weaknesses w/whoever will be drafted/signed/or became better over summer. We will see...
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