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My hate for LeBron is based mostly on how he carries himself. I used to like LBJ in Cleveland until his last couple years when he started to act as though he was bigger than the game. Dancing on the sidelines, showing up your opponent, and basically disrespecting the game. The stories that come out about this dude rub me the wrong way too. How he sends steaks back to the kitchen if it isn't cut up for him or how his entourage treats him like he's God's gift. The "decision" was just the cherry on top of the POS that is LBJ. Maybe we live in an age where too much information is available to the public and we learn way more than we need to about public figures. Maybe the Jordan's, Magic's, and Bird's would be exploited just the same if they played in this era. I've got tons of respect for LBJ's game as he is a special talent, but I really really really despise his character, or lack thereof.
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