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Originally Posted by spurscrazed View Post
I think LBJ is what is wrong with America now!!!

I personally HATE LBJ the player with Passion (not LBJ the person) and he will always suck in my books. I have zero respect to him as a player. Not only because the NBA Commissh people want him to win it all every darn year to make the most revenue.... But also because he is the symbol of traitors who abandoned his original drafted (Cav) Team to join forces and others like Wade and BOSCH (who did similar thing)

LBJ and HEAT are Traitors and represent modern short cut to GLORY!

When they did the poll recently in the Finals, the majority of AMERICA would love to see the HEAT Lose even to a Spurs Team who not so many AMERICA like still....Why... Because there is a large segment of people in America who respect fighters, who respect those who rise to the challenge, who respect loyalty, and who respect someone WANTING to earn their way. That is what is missing in the LBJ and his HEAT 2 Championships.

We all remember those Lakers when they brought Karl Malone and The Glove to Shaq and Kobe. That year if they won it you might have heard the same thing from Americans.
Lebron was a free agent and played out his contract. at least he had the dignity to play out his contract. He did not demand a trade like a Kobe,Chris Paul, Dwight, or Carmelo. No one says anything bad about them?

Cleveland failed to get him another top 50 player in the NBA. They had 7 years to do it. Why would he stay.

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