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This is a bad idea. In addition to raising travel costs and increasing travel time, it would be unfair to fans and lower TV ratings. Orlando road games on the West Coast would start at 10:30pm ET or the start time would have to be pushed up to 6:30pm PT which would be unfair to fans trying to get to the games by putting it smack dab in the middle of rush hour. I will admit that Spurs fans would come out ahead in this structure being in the central time zone by trading 9:30 west coast road starts for 6:30 east coast starts.

You would also have to raise the number of regular season games by 5 to 87 and that is before any expansion to get every team 3 times. I think what the NBA has right now is just fine. No team that has ever truly deserved to be in the playoffs (i.e. has decent chance of making the finals) has been in the lottery because of conference imbalance. Even if by far the best 2 teams are in the same conference, they will still have to play each other and it will still be fun to watch no matter what round it is in (see Spurs/Mavs WCSF 2006) I much prefer seeing additional games against natural rivals like Dallas, Houston, LA, etc than having an extra game against Bos, NY or Mia.
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