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Originally Posted by JTG View Post
Man I am sick of the Pop love show, look with less than 30 seconds on the clock and you decide to play for a 2 for 1 is ridiculous. Run the clock out we're up 5 and we have the ball. Burn that clock, get your offense set and try to get 2, if not the Heat have less than 10 seconds to score 5 points EPIC mistake 1. Starting the 4 period with TD on the bench after have 30 pts through 3 AND LJ,Wade on the court EPIC mistake number 2. Look at the Heat in game 6 up 4 with less than 30 seconds, set offense and score GAME,SET,MATCH! This is the worst CHOKE JOB I've seen since Manu fouled Dirk with less than 10 seconds on a drive when we were up 3 in 2006 WCF.
I am not going to disagree how Pop made few mistakes here and there especially in the finals games 6 and 7 down the stretch. There is always a reason for Pop's moves some don't get it from looking at him, but it should make sense. Maybe he over reacted and that is because he was super cautious or being sometime overly careful. I would still take Pop over any coach in the NBA now or at any time. He is still the best coach out there and will continue to be. You should see other coaches and how they play their teams before you can judge Pop for such mistakes.

Pop did overall the Best he could have done with what he had!!!!

As Pop mentioned in the interview at the end how LONG it had been since he and the Big Three had been in the finals That was since 07 which is Six Long Years..... Not to mention this was a challenge to Pop since the starters were different guys. Danny Green and Kawhi were playing very good during the regular season and the Western Conf Rounds but never had they been to the Finals as well as a lot of our other Spurs players who pop cautiously played very little minutes!!!

Bottom Line: To me the first three games Spurs were all healthy and comfortable won game 1 and Game 3 then they went down after that mentally because as I recall Tony played game 3 half of the game very well and then he was slowed down at the middle of the game with that Hammy thing.... Then after that Pop and TP had a very long discussion and I BELIEVE that was the most pressure Pop had to deal with his MVP is not as quick as he is and ALL his game is BASED on that TP Quickness so we lost a HUGE irreplaceable ( That is why Pop so much needs to have a back up to TP ready by next Playoff ) So that broke Pop's SCHEMES and Spurs came up short on OFFENSE and therefore lost the last two games by few points since they were trying to pull it as a TEAM but that was not enough since the HEAT were the HEALTHIER at home with a lot of talent to throw at us....

Don't worry guy, this was a good STING and preparation for next year Pop will have these troops ready and get that Championship JOB DONE!!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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