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Man I am sick of the Pop love show, look with less than 30 seconds on the clock and you decide to play for a 2 for 1 is ridiculous. Run the clock out we're up 5 and we have the ball. Burn that clock, get your offense set and try to get 2, if not the Heat have less than 10 seconds to score 5 points EPIC mistake 1. Starting the 4 period with TD on the bench after have 30 pts through 3 AND LJ,Wade on the court EPIC mistake number 2. Look at the Heat in game 6 up 4 with less than 30 seconds, set offense and score GAME,SET,MATCH! This is the worst CHOKE JOB I've seen since Manu fouled Dirk with less than 10 seconds on a drive when we were up 3 in 2006 WCF.
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