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Thanks for the love everybody. I am just speaking out of frustration and calling it like I see it. Seeing Tim beating himself over that last missed layup to tie the game really kills me. I know it's one he will never shake off and I want him to get the redemption he deserves - one more crack at a championship. Guarantee he will smash it on Battier's damn face if he gets another chance.

I think our main priority is getting a player that can spell Tony and run the Spurs offense without missing a beat. That's why I suggested Aaron Brooks. What about Bledsoe from the Clips? Strong and quick PG that can get to the foul line.

Our second priority is getting a quality starting big that can play solid weak side D above the rim. Names that I've heard thrown around are Asik, Gortat, Scola, Camby, and Kamen. I like these ideas because it makes sense financially because it will still give us room to add another impact piece. What about Andrew Bogut? When healthy he can provide shot blocking, dunks, passing, and a high basketball IQ.
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