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Video: Season Recap: Coach Pop Spoke earlier today!

Great Season Recap Ten Min long interview earlier today!

Pop was casual and in a Real Good Mood!!


Pop is just reflecting on how we were all hurting We had an opportunity to get a Championship and it should hurt. But in time it will dissipate in some. We feel satisfied about their effort as a TEAM and GROUP.

He is proud of all of them even those who were in the training camp and never were on the field.

It was to be this close to a Championship then let it slip away! He said the opportunity was there...And we missed it.
But it is not the LAST!!!!

Conf Finals last year and Finals this year.

I really LOVE how Pop gave a LOT of CREDIT to RC and his staff then to Chip and Chad who helped the players!!! This is a very good compliment to mention RC tried hard to bring in few players and I know he will be working so hard with his staff this off season to make things happen again!!!!!

Pop mentioned that Kawhi might or might not go to the USA basketball but Pop needs to talk to the doctors before he sends him to see if Kawhi can do it.

Pop told the team: "If this is the worst thing that happened to them they will live an easy life" And Pop hopes that is the worst thing they had to face life is going to be quiet easy for them!!!!

Pop reminded the big thee, TD, TP, and Manu How they did that 4 times and how hard it is to be there!!!!! Why not try to do it again. They will give it the best effort...
Go Spurs Go!
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