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I think we got lucky with not having to play the thunder at full strength. It would have been almost like having to play a different version of the heat first except with more defensive and rebounding bigs. Imagine how much energy we would have had to expel in that series which would have probably gone 6-7 and then we would have then had to go against the heat. Although it will also be more difficult for the heat next year with having to go up against a hopefully healthy bulls team. Bottom line, we again need to get even younger, more athletic and bigger in the offseason. That said I think If we can get two of those three areas I think we stand a good chance of getting back to the finals. No one in the west as is can beat the spurs other than maybe OKC so its just a matter of how much energy we will have by the time we theoretically get back to the finals and i think we saw how much home court meant when it really mattered.
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