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Great Post TRUTH but I bolded my answers to you.

Originally Posted by TRUTH View Post
  1. Manu is done.
    I never wanted to imagine the day that this would come, but I really believe that it has arrived. Manu is done. I've never seen him so unsure and ineffective for this many stretches of games. Him using phrases like "I'm insecure on the court" and "I have no clue how I can come back after that loss" are indicators that he's not coming back. Good thing he's at the end of his career rather than earlier or else we might have a Nick Anderson effect. If Manu can accept the role of a regular bench player, he can still contribute in some manner.
    Manu was being challenged with Pop preserving him all year for this important PO. Not as easy as Pop thinks to bring him in the fire while he is trying to get over several injuries and getting in condition to a FULL PRESSURE game. Don't forget Manu was the one who saved us in the GSW series!!! That was huge!!! And Manu played his Arse off defensively in the entire PO however on offense he was struggling but due that to his body not responding as fast as he wanted to..

    I would say Manu was not the Manu we all know. And I would always love and respect Manu, however if he is struggling as much as he did, someone else needs to take over. There is no telling what he can feel next year and if his body remains deteriorating despite the rest, so he most likely will find himself taking less money and play less role from now on. Timmy already had taken a lot less money and played as much role as he can, although TD ended up doing a whole lot after he conditioned his body the last off season. I hope Manu does that in this off season....So I would bring Manu back for sure however with some amount that Spurs can afford with less role because of lot of increased risk for injuries, so the FO can keep some money for younger more athletic role players that can help the team better than who we have now.

  2. A Tony Parker led team cannot win it all . . . without adding more talent around him.
    If Tony Parker is your best player, you are in trouble. Unless you add pieces that will take pressure off him since Manu is done. Adding players that can penetrate, create their own shot, or can be a post presence will make a world of difference on Tony Parker's game and for the Spurs system.

    Tony was the Man all season long. However the Back up is a Glaring issue in Pop's system. Why Pop keeps playing those guys Joseph, Nando, or Mills if he is not going to bring any in the PO. This makes it so difficult on TP. I would think experience and rookies etc.... But Pop needs to build a Back Up PG in the regular season and keep him in the PO. TP was the MVP and in PO too. However when TP got slowed by the Hammy, we saw how Spurs won only a miracle game 5 and they were pretty much done. The FO need to bring a talented SECOND SCORER that can spell Tony from leading the scoring if not the PG since the PG is very tough to follow TP in game since Pop's system. I think that FO need to bring another SG or SF or even PF.

  3. Not having an impact big man to help Tim is hurting the team.
    I feel that the Spurs FO has done an injustice to Timmy and have not done their due diligence to provide Timmy with that complimentary and competent piece inside. If the Spurs had an athletic big man that could rebound and block shots, the Spurs would have beat the Heat handily. Unfortunately we have gator arms/smallest hands in the NBA Tiago. He was on the rise during the regular season, but when the pressure mounted and the speed of the NBA game in the POs came, he just showed us how slow he really is.
    Tim Def needs to have another Big to help him. I agree 100%. I would however bring Tiago back for sure for the right price because he knows Pop's system and it is very hard to find a BIG that can fit in Pop's system and be solid in the PO too. Maybe since Spurs have more cap they might have more freedom to find the right piece I hope!

  4. Kawhi is a beast and everyone outside the "medium 3" is tradable.
    I love Kawhi. Fearless, professional, and mature beyond his years, this kid has a really high ceiling. I can't really say this about anyone else on the roster (maybe Diaw). Danny Green is your typical role player, Gary Neal is Gary Neal, and the rest of our bench are scrubs essentially. Pop deserves a lot of credit because if you really look at our team, we aren't as deep as people think. I hope we can package something with the expiring contracts of Neal and Splitter.

    Kawhi is a SUPER STAR in the making! LOVE this kid and so happy we got him. He will get to the ALL STAR GAME in the next few years if not next year if he continues to rise up as he is!!! We need a back up for him now. I can't put no one in the conversation although I love Green and Diaw and Neal. Kawhi is becoming one of the Big Four now so we maybe have the Magnificent Four.

So there are two glaring weakness on this team. Penetrators/creators and a solid big man. Assuming that Timmy comes back, if we solve this puzzle, we are right back in it. It would help if players played with an edge and some chippiness too. The Spurs are just too nice. Some guys that come off the top of the head: Aaron Brooks, Martin Gortat, Chris Kaman, and Luis Scola.

I think we need an ENFORCER ala Cap'n Jack before he was let go from here. Someone who is proves a PO Vet and Tougher than nail as Cap'n Jack was
Go Spurs Go!
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