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Originally Posted by ThomasamohT View Post
Are you seriously comparing scrubs like milsap and Randolph to Robinson? Robinson was a perennial MVP candidate, first team all-nba on offense and defense as well as a great human being. And what has milsap done? Oh that's right he made the Rookie 2nd team.

Again I haven't watched milsap but stat wise he and tiago are comperable. The big difference is is that milsap will cost us several million more per year. I would be interested if milsap would come at a discount but I imagine he will command close to the max. If all things are equal you pay the guys that brought you here.
Not comparing the players to DROB but the situations. Actually Rookie 2nd team accolade isn't bad for him since he was a bottom of the second round guy who led the NCAA in rebounds several times. You admit to not watching Millsap so that discredits your view on him to me. You pay the guys who brought you here to an extent. Millsap is not max and he knows that. Be serious man. It's your opinion and that's fine.
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