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Originally Posted by ThomasamohT View Post
As I said my guess is that they resign all 3 and sign an mle person because I don't think they get anyone big to come to sa.

I don't watch the jazz much but looking at stats you're crazy to think milsap is that much better than splitter. Milsap will command several million more per year for a very similar skill set. In equal minutes (Per 30), milsap averaged 2 points and 1rebound more while shooting worse on a worse team. I think if you give splitter a couple more years to develop he will be a better player at a cheaper price.

Either way, if we face the heat again, the problem is neither one will help us. Lebron is such an amazing talent that you can't play big vs the heat because then your pf/c is guarding a sf.

What we need is more slashing/ability to create your own shot. I don't know who that is but most of those types come either very expensive or very cheap. If they come cheap (with the mle) we resign all 3.
You're pretty much going status quo from you here and it won't work. The big three will be older. Splitter was a bit player in the Finals he doesn't deserve big money. Neal will want more than 1 million per sorry. If the give up all your FA money on your own it won't make them better. It's a talent issue. Millsap is better than Splitter. I'm tired of the players who do good on teams but get dinged because the team's record. Did Zach Randolph suck on the Clippers? Nope. TMAC on the Magic or Rockets? Nope. They didn't have help. What did David Robinson do before Duncan? He never got to the Finals because the Spurs were the discount team. Robinson was a great player but most if the time they blew in the playoffs and didn't always have long playoff runs. But he had no help. They will have either make a big draft move Kawhi style or go after a big fish on the FA market. If they go in thinking we were 20 seconds away with what they got.......they won't ever get back there with that mentality. They need to invest in the draft and clear cap space(Bonner).

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