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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
The heat may have beaten us this year, but watching Leonard's play in the last game was like the end of a movie right before the credits where the monster has been killed but you see a little egg about to hatch. We will be back.
loved watching kawhi and his bad arse game all playoffs, finals, and game 7.
excited to see him continue to evolve.

as far as your "We will be back." ???
again, love kawhi, but we will be back w/ what?

kawhi leonard and what armY? the team is gone.
ginobili is a spurs legend, but theres clearly nothing further for him to contribute.
duncan if he comes back will be strong, but still alone down low.
tp will play amazing all season, but will always have a shawn marion, or lebron that will take care of him in big games.

i will really enjoy kawhi tearing into the league, but i have no idea about 'we'lll be back'

hope so.
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