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Originally Posted by scarlet View Post
Manu can be effective, but he needs to go to a team where he is not handling the ball so much. When was a the last time spurs had a good back up point guard? At his age it is hard for him to score efficiently and handle the ball.

In my opinion Manu is still the best pick and roll 2 guard in the game. Except for this year, the Manu-Timmy pick and roll was the spurs offense, and it was our go-to play down the stretch.

If we sign Manu for less than 4 mil it will be a great steal.
That is the problem. Many of us are talking about this year while others are focusing on what Manu has been. What makes you believe that he will be back and be better next year? Why won't he miss about 25-30 games due to various injuries. What will change?

Many will say that we were saying the same about Tim 2 years ago. That may be true but two things that make the situations different:

1) Tim is 6'11". Can't teach height. Basketball is still a big man's game. That is one reason why Bonner continue to be on the team. If Bonner was 6'5" he'd be outta the league.

2) Tim never relied on athleticism or slashing or anything like that when it came to his game.

This is not a hater talking. Have appreciated everything he has done for the organization. Put his jersey in the rafters, hell build a statue in front of the arena but as of right now, it is time to move on.
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