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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
We need Manu back. The heat beat us with Mike Miller, Shane Battier, Chris Andersen, and ray Allen. All of those guys are as old and is washed up as Manu in comparison with their former level of play.

We need him back, just at a reduced price and a reduced role. He would be fine if you didn't have so much defense of attention on him. Just the same way the heat were with their role players.
That's kind of the problem. Defenses will key on him because he handles the ball so much and has a lot of responsibilities. He can't perform in that role anymore (which I've been saying for awhile now).

Originally Posted by polk View Post
A serious question... What role can Manu play? His reputation was of being a spark off the bench and a relentless penetrator and finisher. People will say he has a high b-ball IQ but that could be argued as a result of his play in these playoffs and the high risk/high reward style of play he imparts. You could argue that but that is not the point.

Battier is a defender and 3-point "specialist" ala Bruce Bowen
Andersen is the energy guy but he's 6"10". At 6'5" Manu can't do what he does.
Miller and Allen are catch and shoot type shooters. Not Manu's game

I'm curious to know what role he could provide that this team needs. I'm not talking about heart and soul. His heart will never leave him but that doesn't put points on the board consistently.
Exactly. You can't tell a guy like Manu, who is such a competitor, to just sit at the 3pt line and what for a pass. First of all, he's not a consistent shooter, but second he's used to being more involved. I truly believe the only way the Spurs can move away from a Manu-centric team is for him to retire or walk.
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