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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Neal was making close to 1 million as an unknown player. He will get much more. Manu is not worth 6 million. Splitter at 8 million is crazy. You don't pay a guy 8 million to be a bit player in a championship series. Even if they won the whole thing......I don't think their goal was to re-sign everybody and eat up all their cap with it.
I think what Danny would be fair for Gary Neal. I think for Manu, we give him whatever money is left over after we sign a big ticket free-agent. Off the top of my head two years 7 million total sounds right.

I really don't know what to do with splitter. Frankly I am comfortable paying him whatever it takes to get him back if we can't get something better. We don't get past Memphis without him. But if we can get somebody better, we do it in a heartbeat.

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