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Dwight Howard and Josh Smith are the obvious targets. Splitter played much better this year and we can't overlook the fact that his defense was key in getting us past Memphis. But while he is mobile, he is not athletic in the same way they are. I just fear that those players come with the downside risk of being less focused and less mature, which is not how the Spurs win championships. Think Dennis Rodman in the David Robinson era.

We can't overlook that the NBA has changed the rules to favor athletic wing players who can both get to the rim and hit jumpers.

Tim is really very close to as good as he ever was on the low block, but league rules now favor dribble drives over low post. Wade and James get calls at 10 to 20 feet from the basket that Duncan can't get inside of that range, and it also bleeds over 20 plays outside they are allowed to play more physical.

So we need to continue to develop the wings and that position generally. So Andre iguodala would not be a bad target because in the end when we were playing with one big versus Miami, and putting Gary Neal out there, versus Guys like Ray Allen and Shane Battier and Mike Miller, we saw a big drop off.

And we need to have Manu back. But he needs to fill a role like Ray Allen, Shane Battier, and Mike Miller, not be one of the big three.
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