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Originally Posted by ThomasamohT View Post
According to hoopshype, (which usually has pretty good numbers) the Spurs have $41.8M committed to players. That number includes 2 player options for Diaw ($4.7M) and Mills ($1.1M). Assuming neither of them opt out, that leaves the Spurs with 10 players under contract. They'll have qualifying offers to make to Tiago ($4.9M) and Gary Neal ($1.1M). They'll also have bird rights to Manu. If I had to guess, unless they come to a quick agreement, they'll revoke Manu's rights (so that he doesn't count so much against the cap). They'll also have a cap hold for the #28 pick ($863k).

The final numbers won't be announced for a few weeks but preliminary reports suggest that the cap will be around $58.5M. This means the Spurs will have around $15.9M to split between Tiago, Manu, Neal and another player. They will also have the mid-level exception ($5.1M or $2.6M if they release all 3). My guess is, is that unless they can get a commitment from a major FA, they resign all 3 for around $15M (Tiago $8M, Manu $6M, Neal $1M) leaving them the $5.1M exception.

Short answer, yes the spurs can free up a lot of money, but I highly doubt they will.
Neal was making close to 1 million as an unknown player. He will get much more. Manu is not worth 6 million. Splitter at 8 million is crazy. You don't pay a guy 8 million to be a bit player in a championship series. Even if they won the whole thing......I don't think their goal was to re-sign everybody and eat up all their cap with it.
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