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TP was gassed and didn't have a solid playoff ready point guard to spot him minutes and I pointed this out many times in the past. As far as Manu is concerned he will likely return at a huge pay cut. If he wants more let him go and retire his jersey when his NBA career is over. Lots of the great ones lost in the Finals. Magic, Bird, Shaq, Kobe, LeBron etc. It happens people. They had a meltdown and you don't recover from it period. The series was lost in the last game. Shocked would not describe how I would have felt if they had won tonight. Don't blame just Manu. Don't blame just Pop. The team lost. Miami won. Give the Heat credit for not quitting in the end of Game 6. Hats off to them and Kawhi. He played like a man every Finals game. Stop bashing Manu. He helped put banners on the rafters. I don't like the Heat but they finished the job and Spurs didn't.
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