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First of all, Proud of my Spurs and know that Spurs have it! Best REVENGE and AVENGE is a Spurs win because it is only fair that Spurs win vs. Miami on the last PO in Stern's Era!

All Spurs need to do is play with PASSION and PUT for it ALL their efforts and KEEP COMPOSURE to keep those winning Vibes and Attitudes.

Play with A PURPOSE and DETERMINATION and Show it then it will fall for you and that Rock will BREAK for us!

I trust in Pop and my Spurs Big Three to lead and all of the role players to BRING IT 100% That is all I am asking!

Because of the CHALLENGE and difficulties on the road game 7, Spurs will make HISTORY! This is something Special!

Second of all, Miami's in the Finals. There's a Game 7. Miami winning or losing means nothing at this point for STERN $. Just sayin

PLAY Relaxed and it will happen naturally for you!
Don't Ever Underestimate the HEART of our Spurs Champions!

Go Spurs Go!!!
Go Spurs Go!
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