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I was never sure what his intention with the nutshot was. He was gave a jab step on the 3pt line right into Nash's crotch. Looked painful. On the kick, it kinda depends how hard it is and where it hits, guy get whacked by elbows every game, but one to the temple and you have David Robinson. Considering even wrapping up somebody on a breakaway can result in a flagrant 2 if they manage to whack a dude in the head at all, Bowen's sole was imprinted on the entire side of Szczerbiak's face. Bruce is still one of my favorites and I think the kick was hilarious, but objectively, he was dirty. I'm not opposed to the Spurs putting in Bonner for about a minute for the two-handed body slam ala Matty vs. Garnett back in the Toronto days.
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