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Damn. Actually agree with Uwe on this one too. I won't say I'm over confident, but I don't have a gloom and doom feeling either. I won't even say I feel desperate. I think the better team will acutally win tonite, whomever that may be. I do feel we have had our players a little more rested. But, I think it may come down to role players. We can't let Allen or Chalmers. or Haslem, or Miller go off. And we need something from Green or Neal, or Splitter. And I know Uwe won't agree with me on this, but Manu has to play well. Not great, but he has to have an impact. We don't need 20, but we need him to score a little, distribute, and disrupt. And handle the rock if he is going to be TP's backup at times. 15-6-5 would be a great line, with only a turnover or 2. And Tony, if your our horse, we need to have you from the jump. They started last game with Lebron on Manu, so we need Tony to attack Chalmers and make them pay.
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