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Well boys and girls, it's almost time - a friend mentioned to me that Manu's game 5 performance was his best performance in 5 years, so hoping against hope his game 7 performance tonight will be be his best performance in 7 years....

Personally, I expect him to play much as he has over the past year and be nothing more than a role player, however I hope he still has enough in his skill set, not to turn the ball over 8 or 9 times, that he makes at least one or two shots, that he at least gets in the way of the heat on defense and that he can be enough of a role player so that Tony can get untracked, that Kawhi continues to show that he's the real third member of the Spurs big 3 and that Tim dominates Bosh and the Spurs steal this win.

If you don't expect Manu to be the star of this game, you won't be upset when he's not and you'll pleasantly surprised if he is.
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