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Podcast Features Phil Jackson input on game 6 and game 7!!

Hang Time Podcast (Episode 122): Game 7 Preview Featuring Phil Jackson

Hang Time Blog!

First you hear Rick fox comments. He said Spurs are very well coached and well equipped more than any team to play game 7 on the road and he feels good about Spurs winning.

Then Phil said he was surprised at the come back last night by Miami. Miami found a way to push it to OT. It was pretty remarkable.

Phil said TD on the bench to secure rebound end of game was a missed move by Pop. Then Pop maybe foul Bosh on rebound??? Questionable moves by Pop!!!!

Phil compared how Kobe won vs C's at the end come back and win...And someone else than LBJ had to step up as Meta World did in LA.

Phil also said that Screen Roll Defense San Antonio had the BEST except in that fourth quarter when LBJ took over!!!!!! Even with that LBJ had 3 Turn Overs that could have cost them the game. But they end up winning that game because of LBJ Willing his team!


MAJOR thing is RECUPERATION about Spurs on the road!!!
He said Tony Parker was playing through injury!!!Took him a while to get going but he was HEROIC in the end!!!
Tim Banged his knee with Bosh and he is questioning if it is ok!!!?

HEALTH is the issue!

He said Miami is healthier! At Home rested!!!

Game 7 is about High Anxiety and NERVES!!!

We will see if it affects 3 pints shooting!!!!!!

Danny Green had wide open shots on 3 points and he did not make 5 minutes to go. Then Miami went on a Run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????? We were surprised he did not make that!

Miller was a big shooter for them too.

They opted with Bosch and Chalmer Miller and Allen.

Ray Allen might not be a difference make with his shots.

And WADE on the bench to spread the court. Open Floor plan for LBJ? OR have LBJ on the bench???? Who will have open floor plan?

San Antonio can they come inside and will TD be healthy??

TD if healthy he can have big game to take Spurs on his shoulder.

Then phil talks about several things in the NBA

Towards the last few minutes phil talks that he would do the same thing POP is doing now to limit LBJ.

Phil said the BIG KEY was San Antonio had FOUR TURN OVERS the first game and that limited what MIAMI can run!!!!!!!!!!That was terrific on both ends.

Leonard did good job last night on LBJ so LBJ had only 18 Jump shots.

Phil said Spurs did a good job. But Spurs need to get the game into the 90's to win this thing.


Go POP with your finals PO game this year!!! Rock on Pop!
Go Spurs Go!
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