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Originally Posted by captainlate View Post
Actually, I feel good about our chances. When ave the guys not stood up when they had to? Duncan will have another great game, and this time, so will TP, Danny and Kawhi! Spurs by 7?
Thank you!

Me too. I was first doubting but now I am feeling positive!!

Especially after I read how Ray Allen was motivated to hit that 3 point buzzer beater when he saw the yellow tape of preparing for the ceremony.

While pointing to the out of bounds area. Ray Said.

"Get that mo====fricking rope OUT OF HERE NOW"
And they did go.

While LBJ and all HEAT had never seen anything like that... I do solomnly believe now it was all in the heat of the moment and that HEAT caught a break. But rest assure Spurs will get back and fight harder game 7 and will not allow HEAT to come back to it.

Even HEAT fans left the arena early...

Spurs have nothing to fear. They need to play Spurs Basketball and they will get the W!!!

Go Spurs Go!

Go Spurs Go!
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