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Trends in this series that might affect Spurs' adjustments!

HEAT besides being so exhausted physically and emotionally from last night might also become too relaxed at home and come with that COMPLACENT attitude they came with Games 1 and 3 and 5 so far.

Here is one possible Weakness for the HEAT!

Next HEAT has struggled in shooting the rock from game to game mostly due to fatigue from the past game so far in this series. So Spurs ARE DUE to win game 7 according to HEAT trend of: L W L W L W ------:drummer

HEAT were also exposed in the last series with Indi with three categories they struggled with.

Rebounding- both offensive and defensive size of Indi gave HEAT trouble on both ends.

Perimeter shooting specifically from beyond the three-point arch. That goes with moving the ball and spreading the floor.

Defensive Ball Pressure The Heat’s defensive ideology is to put pressure on the ball so decent shots could be spread across the floor. Indiana was able to score high pick-and-rolls but that was because Miami put too much pressure on the ball handler and forgot about the other post players.

Hill and D.J. Augustin were probably effected more by the pressuring defense however they were on occasion able to find an outlet where they were comfortable and knocked down some buckets.

The dynamics of the system Miami uses is simply too good of a fit with the athleticism and quickness Miami has on their roster.
Go Spurs Go!
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