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Honestly all Spurs players lose together as a TEAM!!!

All HEAT players also lose as a TEAM!

The HEAT TEAM played a little more chippy and won it. Spurs came up short.

We can all sit here and criticize all Spurs players because I saw all of them break mentally down the stretch on Defense and Offense.

To be fair I think Pop made the best of who he has!!!!!!!!!!

Pop played TP and had to rest Tony so he put Manu to run the ball.
I would not think we wanted anyone else but Manu doing that.

If Pop put Neal or Green he would have had more Turn overs than Manu did.

It is a very tough position and Pop made the best of what he had.

Give Miami some credit. They played pressure defense in the fourth quarter at the best. Although they got a lot of luck since Tony Parker was obviously GASSED at the end of the game. and inexperienced LEONARD and GREEN had HUGE mistakes down the stretch .....But Pop had no one else to put but those guys.

Manu tried real hard, he played great defense and the HEAT were pressuring the ball handler at the end of that game.

Don't get me started on few of the refs not calling any calls for Manu while he got MOGGED and TP and a lot of our Spurs.

But if I were Pop I would still stick with the BIG THREE including MANU to win us game 7.

What I would suggest that Pop and his staff find a solution to either play a back up PG maybe DIAW or Joseph but Tony needed to be rested and come strong at the second half only......

Manu will save us game 7!

I am not giving up on Manu despite the 8 turn overs. Those turn overs so far are CONSISTENTLY committed by both teams this entire series because of lack of PG plays and other team's defensive schemes.

LBJ was saying he was not happy at the end of the game 2 turnovers at the OT so LBJames ended up with 6 turnovers!!:shocked That was Horrible.

Give Manu a break. I LOVE Manu and he brought such intensity that was needed. Maybe Pop gives the Ball to Diaw to handle as back up PG now or Joseph.

Manu will PLAY BEST at SG as he did in game 5 and Spurs won.
Manu will play much better game 7 because I am sure Pop will have someone else handle the rock when Tony is resting.

Don't give up on Manu. The entire Spurs team were GASSED in the end of the 4th and OT. All Spurs players were challenged when refs stopped calling the right calls and no time out... Combination of so many things got to make this outcome. Pop needs to realize that Tony will not be able to play 48 minutes and Manu is not our answer for back up PG!!!!!!!!

Go Spurs Go!
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