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Originally Posted by ATHENEA View Post
Wow all those options and u chose the most obvious yet the most simplistic and less encompassing answer.
Good job! :applause
Ohh...there are potentially many other reasons we lost the game. A butterfly might have flapped its wings in Thailand resulting in a slight breeze that changed Allen's shot from a miss to a make. I just focused on the 3 most obvious reasons we lost.

I yelled at the tv when we didn't get the first rebound. I yelled at pop when we tried the same thing with the same people a few seconds later and got the same results. I yelled at Kawhi and Manu when they missed their FTs. I cringed whenever Manu touched the ball.

If we wanted to we could argue the same things in favor of the heat. The point is, we had that game in our hands with 19 seconds left and we blew it.
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