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Nice post. I feel what you're saying but I don't blame the refs. They let a lot of stuff go on both sides but I think they made the right calls at the end. The block on green at the end was legit for what they had been calling/not calling throughout the game. Had they been calling ticky-tack fouls all game, then yes it was a foul. I remember at least 1 instance where a spur ran into a heat player after a 3 pointer and no foul was called, so i feel that evened out. The drive by Manu was slightly more questionable but I think it fit with the calls. There was probably a foul before Manu brought the ball up to shoot but on the shot, I felt he got his hand on the ball first.

I'm fine with no foul call on either play because that's not what lost us the game. We lost because we couldn't get a rebound. We lost because we couldn't hit our fts. We lost because of Manu's horrendous play all game.
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